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Awning Draught Skirts

Wish to stop the cold air from blowing underneath your vehicle? By adding a draught skirt to the side of your caravan or motorhome this will provide an improved seal, an effective barrier, to keep conditions within your awning comfortable.

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Draught Skirts

Universal Awning Draught Skirt

RRP: £5.99
£3.75 - £5.35
You Save: £2.24
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Next Day

Thule Residence G2 Wheel Arch Cover

RRP: £52.99
You Save: £8.00

Thule Residence G2 Windslip Draft Skirt

RRP: £61.87
£57.99 - £69.99
You Save: £3.88

Fiamma Rear Skirting Kit

RRP: £69.99
£59.99 - £124.99
You Save: £10.00

Fiamma Awning Skirting Kit

RRP: £82.71
£72.44 - £127.99
You Save: £10.27