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Full Traditional Caravan Awnings

Provide home-like comfort to your caravanning holiday with a full traditional caravan awning. A full traditional caravan awning is designed to maximise your caravan's full awning rail providing you with a optimal usable space for dining, relaxing or for socialising in style.

Ever been to a location and thought "I could stay here for longer"? Many caravan sites of today allocate space for season pitching, means you can park and pitch up for the Summer of for the whole year without having to tow away! From the likes of Dorema, who have introduced TenCate All-Season Coated Polyester Material provide you with a range of full traditional awning that can withstand those longer breaks away; a robust material offering strength and excellent resilience against the elements.

Full awnings of today can be purchased in a frame material that suits your needs, fibreglass for lightweight travelling and touring use, aluminium for a secure pitch on those multi-day trips or even steel recommended for those seasonal pitches. 

Measuring for a Full Caravan Awning

Full caravan awnings sizes relate to the measurement from the ground to the awning rail, wrapping around the caravan’s height up from the ground, length and height down to the ground. This is called the ‘A’ measurement, and is crucial when selecting your caravan awning, as a too long or too short awning will not fit properly within the awning rail.

Illustration showing the measurements needed for a properly fitted caravan awning

This information is often featured in your caravan’s owner manual, however, Leisure Outlet recommends measuring the ‘A’ measurement yourself to ensure you have an accurate measurement, especially if you have purchased a second-hand caravan.

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  • A-Frame Size

  • Awning Height

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Full Awnings

Dorema Garda 240 Grey Full Caravan Awning

RRP: £1,288.50
You Save: £386.55

Dorema Garda Blue 240 Deluxe Full Caravan Awning

RRP: £1,453.50
You Save: £436.05

Dorema Horizon Air All Season Full Caravan Awning

RRP: £2,173.50
You Save: £652.05

Dorema President XL280 De Luxe Grey Full Caravan Awning

RRP: £2,647.79
You Save: £794.34

Westfield Pluto Performance Full Air Caravan Awning

RRP: £2,486.99
£1,919.00 - £2,099.00
You Save: £567.99