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Tyre Savers

Parking your car, trailer, caravan or motorhome over a long period of time? Then consider using Tyre Saves, in use, they help to prevent the tyre from flat spotting as they are profiled to the shape of the vehicle's wheels and are ideal for use on loose, damp or wet surfaces to prevent the wheels from sinking into the ground - recommended for gravel driveways, muddy or damp ground (such as field parking). Tyre Savers act like wheel chocks with thanks to their C-shaped profile, the wheel is supported in the middle on the saver-block and prevents the vehicle from rolling or slipping away. Tyre Savers also provide added traction when pulling away, front wheel or rear wheel drive, prevent the risk of the drive-wheels from spinning (wheel spin) as you leave. Tyre Savers are easy to use, simply place them in front of your vehicle's wheels and drive onto them.    

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Tyre Savers

Milenco Jockey Pocket Wheel Protector

RRP: £7.55
You Save: £0.56

Milenco Stacka Single Tyre Saver

RRP: £13.85
You Save: £5.86

Fiamma Wheel and Tyre Saver Set

RRP: £13.50
You Save: £1.51

Fiamma Grey Grip System

RRP: £14.99
You Save: £1.49

Milenco Stacka Tyre Saver Twinpack

RRP: £18.50
You Save: £4.25