Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Following the National Climate Week, we wanted to share and discuss some of the things we have been doing to tackle this global issue, along with changes you can make to help the cause.

Here at Leisure Outlet, it has always been our priority to use sustainable and recycled materials for packing our customers’ orders. Therefore, we use recycled cardboard boxes and other materials, for example, boxes delivered from suppliers. We also encourage our colleagues to bring any materials they can’t recycle, and we will use them for packaging materials, preventing them from going into landfill or into our oceans.

COP26 Meeting

Last week the important COP26 (Conference of the Parties) meeting was held in Glasgow, Scotland, this included world leaders collaborating to set new pledges to tackle climate change.

Hundreds of world leaders have agreed to promise to tackle deforestation, trees are one of the most important tools we can use to slow down climate change as they absorb vast amounts of CO2 turning this into oxygen, cleaning the air in which we breathe.


Most of the countries have agreed to cut methane emissions by 30% by 2030, however, China, India and Russia have not yet agreed to the pledge.

COP 26 Glasgow Climate Change Event

What can you do to help?

There are many more pledges that the COP26 has put in place to tackle climate change, but what are the small things you can do to make a big difference?

Make a healthy difference to yourself and the environment by cycling rather than using cars. When looking at the whole lifecycle of a bike in comparison to a car, emissions from cycling can be more than 30 times lower for each trip than driving a fossil fuel car. Cycling also creates less congestion on the roads and less pollution.


If you are interested in changing your lifestyle for the better, you can find a wide range of bikes at Leisure Outlet, from Heritage Style to Mountain Bikes as well as Kids Bikes.

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Cyling to work


We all need a break sometimes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to travel abroad for a good time. Due to COVID-19 many of us have been urged to ‘Staycation’ last year. Seeing the natural beauty of the UK’s coastlines and inland mountains around the peak district, without the need to use an Aeroplane. According to the BBC, Around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions come from aviation. Together with other gases and the water vapour trails produced by aircraft, the industry is responsible for around 5% of global warming

Why not make this change next time you think of booking that holiday abroad, see a huge range of Tents and Awnings and other accessories such as Camping Chairs, Sleeping Mats and Camping Lights at Leisure Outlet, including and Vango’s Earth range.

Cornwell Staycation

Vango Earth Collection

If you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint then you may be interested in the Vango’s Earth range. Vango’s aim was to tackle single-use plastic, by doing so they created the Earth Collection, environmentally friendly fabrics crafted from recycled single-use plastics, such as plastic bottles.

Vango Earth Range how it is made

This is a remarkable breakthrough within the leisure community, which potentially could solve the main issue with single-use plastic being put into our oceans and landfill. Hopefully, in the future, many more companies like Vango, will move to recycling single-use plastic and using them for materials to craft tents, awnings, and other accessories. If you are interested in the Vango Earth Collection you can see more on Leisure Outlet - click here.

Vango Earth Tent

Zero-Emission Power

At Leisure Outlet we actively promote the Goal Zero and EcoFlow portable power stations, what makes them stand out from regular power stations is that they are Lithium, meaning they do not run on fossil fuels.

If partnered with a solar panel (boulder), it allows for 100% clean energy, not only saving you money on electricity but helping the environment from being exposed to harmful chemicals in the air which are only causing the earth to heat up.

We have seen many campers use these power stations when paying for non-electric pitches, or off-grid camping allowing them to be self-sufficient.

We love to work with philanthropic brands such as Goal Zero, who are invested in community empowerment and disaster relief projects. Goal Zero's mission is to bring power to the people, allowing countries who suffer from poverty or require aid to have access to low emission power which is sustainable. In 2020 alone Goal Zero impacted 81,818 people and donated 2,066 products to charity.

If you want to support philanthropic brands and reduce your carbon footprint for the better, shop at Leisure Outlet click here to see the full range of off-grid living and power products.

Goal Zero Yeti 1500