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Maypole 4-Ply Premium Green Breathable Full Motorhome Cover, 2 Year Warranty


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Motorhome Covers

Maypole 4-Ply Premium Green Breathable Full Motorhome Cover, 2 Year Warranty

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Weight 8 KG

FREE shipping on orders over £99
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Capacity 8 KG


The Maypole 4-Ply Premium Green Full Motorhome Cover is a superior protective cover for your motorhome offering excellent protection from the weather.

The exclusive 4-ply fabric gives you a cover that is breathable and highly water-resistant - keeping the water out while also allowing condensation to evaporate.

Fully UV-stable, the Maypole 4-Ply Premium Green Full Motorhome Cover has four layers of protection - three layers of spun bound polypropylene, giving optimal breathability and evaporation, and a water-resistant membrane layer that lets air in and keeps water out.

This cover is bonded using an innovative rounded pattern, helping it to resist stress and tears under normal conditions. Fitted with two zips at the rear for easy fitting and access, the cover has an elasticated hem and nylon securing straps for a snug and secure fit.

Ideal in all kinds of weather for the ultimate protection for your motorhome.


  • Four zips positioned on both sides of the cover at the front and back for easy access
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Exclusive 4-ply bonded fabric
  • 3 layers of 42gsm spun bound polypropylene
  • Water-resistant 35gsm microfilm membrane
  • Rounded rectangle bonding pattern for resisting stress and tears
  • UV-stable fabric
  • Elasticated hem
  • Adjustable nylon straps
  • Two rear zips for easy fitting and access
  • Storage bag included

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

The two year warranty covers manufacturing faults against the straps, zips and seams. The warranty does not cover against extreme weather conditions or user wear and tear not covered by the warranty.

What Size Cover Do I Need?

How to Measure for a Motorhome Cover?

To know which cover fits your motorhome, then externally measure:

  • 1) Length: longest point to longest point (exclude the tow frame)
  • 2) Width: widest point to widest point

If your motorhome has any external attachments fitted such as a TV aerial or a bike carrier we advise these should be removed before fitting a cover to avoid damage to the cover or to the attachment.

Size Specifications:

Under 5.7m / 19'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"10kg / 22lbs
5.7m - 6.0m / 19' - 20'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"10.62kg / 23lbs
6.0m - 6.5m / 20' - 21'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"11.23kg / 25lbs
6.5m - 7.0m / 21' - 23'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"11.85kg / 26lbs
7.0m - 7.5m / 23' - 25'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"15kg / 33lbs
7.5m - 8.0m / 24' - 26'2.7m / 8' 10"2.3m / 7' 7"15kg / 33lbs

PLEASE NOTE : If your motorhome has a cab hump, we recommend you purchase a cover that is the next size up. Unfortunately this is our largest size.

Fitting My Motorhome Cover

How do I fit my motorhome cover?

Two people and the careful use of stepladders or a stable platform will be required as the cover is large, heavy and needs to be passed carefully over all sections of your motorhome. WARNING : If using stepladders or a platform you will be working at height and should follow carefully the stepladder / platform manufacturer’s safety instructions. You should not attempt to fit the cover from the ladder but only to use the ladder if required to assist people on the ground

  1. Open out the cover. The front section is clearly identified with a "FRONT" label.
  2. Unzip the rear panel.
  3. Starting from the front and working towards the rear, lift the cover carefully over the roof and all protruding objects. If necessary, unzip the front section also.
  4. Adjust the cover’s position until an even fit all over is achieved.
  5. Close the zips carefully and fasten the Velcro tabs, as shown in the photo on the box.
  6. Secure the sides of the cover with the straps provided. Pass each strap under your motorhome and secure to the corresponding buckle on the opposite side.
  7. Adjust all straps as required to give a good fit, including those on the front and rear

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