Vango's Tents - The Earth Collection


The new 2021 range of tents from Vango has seen the launched of their new and exclusive tent fabric called Sentinel Eco Fabric. Vango's new range of tents that are produced from Sentinel Eco Fabric feature in a range of tents called The Earth Collection. We are proud to present and introduce you to their Earth Collection.

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Planning a Staycation....


Many of us are who are self-isolating are fit and healthy, and showing no symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. For many we can still enjoy the outdoors while being respectful to keep our distance and reward ourselves of the benefits of fresh air. Natural air and light, leaves us feeling happy and is away to switch-off from stress in our lives...

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Coleman and Campingaz - 'Gold Dealer' Status Award


The team at Leisure Outlet are proud to be to receive 'Gold Dealer' status, awarded by Coleman and Campingaz; both Newell Brands. In June, 2019 and as apart for our 'Gold Dealer' award we were invited by Campingaz to a trip to Lyon, France. 

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Riddick Bikes, NEW to Leisure Outlet!


Riddick Bikes, NEW to Leisure Outlet! We are proud to introduce Riddick Bikes to our cycling portfolio at Leisure Outlet! Riddick are focused on action, adventure, fun and friendship! Their core belief is that bikes make us better humans, and want to encourage everybody to get involved. Wish to get outdoors with friends or with the family, then why not try Mountain Biking? Mountain bicycle enthusiasts ride together with Riddick...

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Top 7 GPS Apps for Your Smartphone


Mobile signal can be a nightmare at the best of times so relying on it while you are hiking iconic UK trails to help you find your way, can definitely be a challenge. Unpredictable weather, signal dead spots and suddenly realising you’ve run out of data can all be a recipe for disaster. Luckily, if you have a smartphone there’s another solution out there you may not even realise exists - GPS. A Global Positioning System uses satellite information to track your position as opposed to an internet connection...

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Keyless Car Theft in the UK


Recent studies show keyless car thefts are on the rise across England and Wales. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) reported the total number of cars reported stolen in 2017 came to 43,308, which is 9,000 more than in 2016 and 13,000 more than 2015. This staging number of cars stolen reached has reached its highest level in six years. Thieves are targeting keyless cars; popular marques include BMW, Ford, Audi, Jaguar / Land Rover, Ford, Volkswagen, and Audi...

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Condensation in Tents and Awnings, Ways to Reduce the Effects


Condensation in tents and awnings is an on-going battle that all campers are faced with, whether you are new to camping or a well-seasoned, well-travelled camper, condensation equally affects us all. Waking up in middle of the night or early morning to find moisture on the inside of your tent or awning can leave you believing that the canvas has leaked, during the time that you have been asleep.

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New Vango Caravan Awning Draught Seal System (DSS) 2019 Feature


We welcome you to Vango's 2019 collection of Caravan Awnings at Leisure Outlet. Back in August, we were invited up to their green room in Glasglow, Scotland to take a peek at their upcoming range of product. One feature that we particularly like the look and functionality of is their smart and effective Draught Seal System or (DSS) in short. In this article, we explain simply how this new system works and explain its main benefit.    

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Benefits of Using a Footprint Groundsheet


Definition of a Footprint Groundsheet. A footprint groundsheet is an optional camping accessory that you purchase for either your tent or motorhome or campervan vehicle drive-away awning. The footprint groundsheet is usually made from same material as your as your awning or tent's sewn-in groundsheet, this strongly reinforced PVC polyester layer sits between the base of your awning or tent and the ground...

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Styles of Sleeping Bags and Season Ratings


Sleeping bags can range in styles, shapes and sizes (from single, double, junior to king size) and vary on their comfort rating from (1, 2, 3, 4 to 5 season) based upon their filling and construction. Popular styles of sleeping bags available at Leisure Outlet from leading outdoor camping brands such as Vango, Coleman, Outwell, Outdoor Revolution, Quest and more! Below are the two most familiar styles of sleeping along with their definitions!

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7 Tips for The Perfect Camping Experience


Camping is an extremely popular recreational activity that developed over 100 years ago in Britain. It allows you to have incredible experiences such as socialising and bonding with friends and family in an environment separated from the constraints of your daily life. It’s also a great way of meeting new people in a similar situation. Camping is also noticed for its affordability in comparison to the likes of hotels and villas, suiting those on a low budget.

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Setting Up the ENO Roadie Hammock Frame


Love traveling, driving or touring combined with the love for the great outdoors we welcome you our latest product within the ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) Hammock range of accessories! Introducing you to the ENO Roadie Hammock Frame/Stand, providing you and all hammock campers endless hammocking opportunities regardless of your location. The Roadie Hammock Stand is perfect for summer festivals, Leeds, Reading,...

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Guide to Fitting a Driveaway Awning


This article explains how to fit a driveaway (drive-away) awning to your campervan or motorhome. For those who are new to the world of recreational travel, what do we mean by the phrase 'a driveaway awning'? A driveaway awning is a temporary structure that connects either to a coach-built motorhome or campervan, offering you an external enclosed room for living or for providing you with extra storage. Picture a driveaway awning as tent, but featuring a tunnel. This tunnel fixes onto the side of your vehicle by the means of a beading strip...

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Your Beginners Guide to Hammocking


Hammock camping is the latest trend this summer! What is hammock camping? Hammock camping involves the use of a hammock, a lightweight yet durable piece of material, shaped like a 'sling' and spreads between two objects and suspends in the air, via the use of suspension hanging ropes, or suspension frames. Rather than sleeping in a conventional tent, you, the camper, sleeps in the suspended hammock. For some hammock campers, hammock camping is more comfortable than sleeping in an enclosed space, sleeping on the ground and more comfortable than sleeping on mats...

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Looking After Your New Awning or Tent


Thank you for purchasing your new awning or tent through Leisure Outlet. We have put together a quick guide to looking after your new investment. Check - Upon receiving your new awning or tent, we strongly advise that you check your delivery before going away. Doing so, this will allow you to check the contents and will help you in advance to learn how to erect your awning or tent. Simply arrive at your caravanning and camping site and enjoy your holiday as soon as you have parked-up or uncoupled. Pitching - When pitching your awning or tent, unroll the canvas...

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The Weathering Process Explained


We've been lucky here in the UK with the weather, this spell of hot weather and glorious sunshine has brought us all outside. You may have purchased a new awning or a tent for use during your summer holidays and so far, experienced hassle-free use during this dry period. However, as we all expected the rain and wind was imminent. Sadly, your new awning/tent may have been hit by this bad weather and if you found your awning/tent isn't keeping you dry then don't worry. In this first uses in wet weather or damp conditions, it is expected by manufacturers that your awning/tent may leak...

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Eat Fresh This Summer with Cadac Barbeques


As the UK basks in glorious sunshine for the third month running and families embark on their summer holidays, al fresco dining is proving to be a very popular activity. Barbeques are an essential part of the British summer and there isn’t a person in sight that isn’t itching to flip some burgers. Unfortunately, barbeques can be quite cumbersome to take on the go and unless you wake up at the crack of dawn to take ownership of the communal campsite fire pit...

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Maintaining Your Goal Zero Yeti Solar Portable Power Generator


In this article, we will show how to maintain and restore either your Goal Zero Yeti 150 or Yeti 400 Solar Portable Power Generator after long periods of no use. If you have purchased one of the mentioned Goal Zero Yeti products you may find it problematic to charge first off, straight out of the box. First time trying to charge the Yeti you may experience the Yeti failing to charge with the battery read-out display stuck, flashing on a battery percentage and you will hear a bleeping... 

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Introducing Leisure Outlet's Bridgford Bluebell 220 and 260 Caravan Awnings


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some exciting news! We have just launched two caravan porch awnings under the Bridgford brand. With the support of SunnCamp, we bring you the Bridgford Bluebell 220 and Bluebell 260 Caravan Porch Awnings. Named the Bluebell after its colour but also, it is a plant that flowers Spring - during the Winter we long the wait for good weather and it's a period when we can start thinking about and planning our outdoor breaks...

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5 Reasons to Visit Leisure Outlet's July Summer Show


Thursday 21st of June was officially the first day of Summer! With warmer days ahead and with night's drawing out summer is the season where we can laugh, play, stay and explore outdoors for longer. At Leisure Outlet online we have an inspiring range of outdoor product that is designed to keep you active, comfortable and entertained, from bikes, event shelters, tents, awnings, barbecues, coolboxes, kayaks and outdoor furniture to gadgets such as music speakers to portable power packs...

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World Cup Celebrations with Leisure Outlet


Kick off your World Cup Celebrations with Leisure Outlet... As the World Cup gets into full swing this week, celebrations are fully underway. With pubs and bars across the country fully packed, many are choosing to host events at home to support the England squad. We’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to host the perfect World Cup party. From barbeques to garden furniture, our one-stop guide makes it easier than ever to get everything set up in time for all the big matches...

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Glossary of Awning and Tent Fabrics and Jargon


Whether you are new to camping or looking to upgrade your tent or awning it can be a challenging process deciding between models. Comparing two tents or awnings that are very similar in style, shape, size and sleeping capacity can leave one umming and ahhing. If you find yourself in this situation, what normally distinguishes both models of tents and awnings is the material. In this article, Leisure Outlet will provide you with definitions surrounding the material and technical jargon...

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Choosing the Right Tent with Leisure Outlet


Modern tents come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller two-person solutions to spacious units for the whole family. With such a wide variety of camping equipment on sale, how do you choose the perfect tent for your needs? At Leisure Outlet, we specialise in supplying each customer with the right product for their specific requirements. Whether you’re planning the perfect weekend break or going to one of this year’s hottest music festivals we can deliver a tent that offers the best possible experience...

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5 Reasons to Visit Leisure Outlet's Awning Show 2018


Straight off the back of the NEC’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in February, the team at Leisure Outlet are kicking off the spring season with their own weekend event. Taking place at the Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre in Nottingham, their first outdoor event of the season! The show runs from 10am to 4pm on Saturday the 24th and Sunday 25th of March 2018. So grab your friends and head down for a weekend of outdoor living product demonstrations!

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‘A Bicycle Made for Two’ – Valentine’s Day Deals on Dawes Tandem Bicycles


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, couples across the UK are searching for fun and unique ways to spend the most romantic day of the year. As the weather is gradually improving and the days are growing longer, mid-February presents a perfect opportunity to get outside after a long winter spent indoors. Valentine’s Day is regarded by many to be the first sign of spring approaching, with trees starting to blossom and plenty of outdoor trails finally becoming less treacherous and muddy...Read More...

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Measuring, Positioning and Sealing a Vango Caravan Porch Awning


Leisure Outlet alongside our partners from Vango bring you a quick guide to measuring, position and sealing a Vango Caravan Porch Awning to the side of your caravan. A frequently asked question is, "will this awning fit my caravan?" As there are a number of caravan awnings on the market, sadly there isn't a database containing the measurements of each. What you will need to do is measure the straight section of your caravan's awning rail after the first curve and before the curve at the rear of the caravan. Read more...

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Ryedale | Dutch-Style Traditional Heritage Bicycles


Our latest video from Leisure Outlet's filming day with Avocet Sports, apart of the the Hero Cycles Group, in designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of practical, comfort, fun and sporty bicycles. Top British brands include Viking, Coyote, Ryedale, Riddick offering a range from Heritage, to Folding, to Mountain, to Road, to Urban and Commuting Bikes. Introducing our latest and exclusive brand to Leisure Outlet; Ryedale Bikes....Ergonomic features such...Read more...

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Camping & Caravanning Barbecue & Grilling July Show, Featuring Cadac


To welcome the start of the Summer season, Leisure Outlet would like to invite you along to our Camping & Caravanning Barbecue & Grilling Show, Featuring Cadac! The one day event will be held on the Saturday 1st of July at Chilwell Olympia (NG9 5HR), Nottinghamshire. The event is free to attend and will run between 10am to 4pm. Our partners from Cadac will be demonstrating their range of caravanning and camping barbecues and providing you with tips and advice to cooking at your campsite.   

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Outdoor Revolution's Oxygen Air Frame Technology Explained


As demonstrated by our partners from Outdoor Revolution for the latest Leisure Outlet Video Tips filming day! We bring you a brief introduction to Outdoor Revolution's Air Inflation System and their Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing faults on the air tube system. Outdoor Revolution Air Awnings feature two valves, for inflating called the 'Dynamic Speed Valve' and other for releasing any surplus air called the 'Intelligent Pressure Relief Valve'.

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Outdoor Revolution Awning Considerations & Key Features


Leisure Outlet are here with our partners from Outdoor Revolution to bring you a wonderful insight to what makes their brand unique. As well as Outdoor Revolution's famous Air Frame Technology, in this article we have Phil Haynes, introduced by Adam Taylor, explaining six other key features belonging to their range of awnings. If you are new a caravanner, campervanner, motorhomer then these 6 key features will help to consider what to look for in your first awning.

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