New Vango Caravan Awning Draught Seal System (DSS) 2019 Feature


So you've just spent a few bob on a new or used caravan, and the last thing you want to do is mark it with awning poles.

New to 2019 Vango Caravan Awnings is their Draught Seal System or DSS, and great news this system comes as standard!

It replaces the need to use rear upright poles to keep out the draught for entering between the awning and the caravan's side wall.

What you get instead? In both corners, a soft pad is present and pressed in place by adjustable triangle-shaped soft wedges.

You can manipulate these wedges, up or down and adjust the angle to mould the padded seal around windows or press flush against the flat part of your caravan's wall.

As we photographed, we have positioned one corner pad over a window and the other corner is running flat against the caravan's wall.

The Vango Draught Seal System can be discreetly hidden as each awning features verticle corner flaps to conceal this feature.

Most caravan windows are made from polyplastic and feature a tint, therefore mark easily when struck by a branch or when mishandling awning poles - we, Leisure Outlet, particularly welcome this feature with open arms! 

The Vango DSS is featured on their 2019, Rapide, Braemar, Kalari, Somerby & Montelena Caravan Awnings, shop the 2019 Vango Awning Range today at Leisure Outlet.