7 Tips for The Perfect Camping Experience


Camping is an extremely popular recreational activity that developed over 100 years ago in Britain. It allows you to have incredible experiences such as socialising and bonding with friends and family in an environment separated from the constraints of your daily life. It’s also a great way of meeting new people in a similar situation. Camping is also noticed for its affordability in comparison to the likes of hotels and villas, suiting those on a low budget. It proves that you don’t need to blow your budget in order to have a truly unforgettable time. 

With over 50 years’ experience in the great outdoors, Leisure Outlet has learnt a lot of useful tips to make sure you have the best camping trip and we want to share them with you.

Preparation is key
When it comes to camping, planning is the key to making sure your trip runs smoothly. It’s important that you check beforehand that all your gear is fully operational and ready to go. Don’t forget to check your tent as well; ensuring you have all the right parts and pack a few extra pegs as they easily go missing. It’s also definitely worth planning out the meals you will be having each day at camp. This stops you from forgetting any food and going hungry! It’s also important to remember the basics. Keep a map or compass on you at all times as you can’t always rely on having phone signal or battery and when you’re cooking keep far away from tents and dry foliage to reduce the risk of fire. Always pack a first aid kit in case you have an emergency and finally, follow the campsites rules and respect your fellow campers.

Find the right location
If you’re camping at a festival, you may want to pick a spot with easy access to any facilities such as toilets and showers, to save you from having to trek through hundreds of tents, especially at night! However, grabbing one of these spots is easier said than done, so if you don’t manage to get a good spot, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to these facilities. If you decide to go wild camping, make sure you have the landowner’s permission to set up pitch on their land and don’t camp too close to running water. Try to stay away from houses and roads when deciding where to stay and watch out for damp ground that is likely to flood.

Pack light
It’s important not to overpack when camping as it will quite literally weigh you down. Remember that once you have set up your sleeping arrangement, you will not have a lot of room left in your tent, therefore, focus on just bringing the bare essentials. At Leisure Outlet, we stock many lightweight versions of everyday camping items, perfect for providing you with more space.

Pitch the perfect tent
Consider the amount of people you’re planning to camp with before picking a tent. If your camping solo or with one or two more people we would recommend a two or three berth tent. However, if you’re camping with a large group consider a 4-7+ berth tent. Be sure to check out our large range of tents; we carry all the sizes stated above in many different styles and from trusted brands.

Stay warm and comfortable
Britain’s nights can get bitterly cold so make sure you keep yourself cosy. Having a good night’s sleep will make the world of difference to your camping trip so investing in a quality insulating sleeping bag, air bed and blanket is definitely worth every penny. It’s worth bringing extra clothing as your clothes may get wet and you will need to wear more layers at night when the temperature drops.?

Overcome the dinner dread
Camp food doesn’t have to just come from packets and tins. Let your creative juices flowing when you are planning your meals but also be realistic about what is possible with the supplies you have. You don’t need to worry about spoiling food either, at Leisure Outlet, we have plenty of ways you can keep your food fresh with the likes of our cool bags and electric coolers. Gas barbeques such as the Cadac open many meal possibilities for budding campers.

Have fun!
Most importantly enjoy your time camping. It should be a fun, refreshing experience. Disconnect with your electronics and participate in some classic camping activities such as stargazing, storytelling and outdoor games. Maybe you’ll discover how enjoyable life is just in the company of others!

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