Benefits of Using a Footprint Groundsheet


Definition of a Footprint Groundsheet. A footprint groundsheet is an optional camping accessory that you purchase for either your tent or motorhome or campervan vehicle drive-away awning. The footprint groundsheet is usually made from same material as your as your awning or tent's sewn-in groundsheet, this strongly reinforced PVC polyester layer sits between the base of your awning or tent and the ground. Should you use a footprint groundsheet, it will be the first thing you peg before pitching your driveaway awning or tent, simply peg in each corner and this will secure the footprint groundsheet. A footprint groundsheet is tailored to the shape footprint of your awning or tent, below we look into the key benefits of using a footprint groundsheet.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Footprint Groundsheet

1) Increases the Longevity of Your Awning or Tent
As the footprint groundsheet sits under your awning or tent this extra layer of protection protects your investment from sharp stones and thorns from piercing the sewn-in groundsheet and also provides abrasion protection when staying on hard-standing ground.

2) Provides Easier Pitching of your Awning or Tent
The footprint groundsheet is the first thing you pitch before pitching your awning or tent. As the footprint groundsheet is tailored to the shape of your tent/awning you can mark out your pitching position allowing you to find the ideal spot. Simply place the awning/tent on top of the footprint groundsheet and you can manipulate the canvas around. Once you have found your pitching spot, simply peg and secure the footprint groundsheet.

3) Cleaner Awning/Tent Pack Away
There is nothing worse then unrolling and rolling the awning out of the bag directly on the damp and cold ground below, you just end up with muddy knees, muddy hands and left with dirt on your awning/tent. Use the footprint groundsheet to cover the ground, giving you a stronger base to unroll or pack your awning away in a cleaner fashion. Say "no more" to the muddy rings your knees!

4) Covert the Drive-Away Tunnel into a Useable Room!
Driveaway awnings (vehicle awnings) feature a tunnel, this is the section from the vehicle to the living area of the awning; the connection between the awning and the vehicle. By default this area is exposed to the ground and grass. By using a footprint groundsheet you can seal this area giving the driveaway tunnel a floor, thus allowing you to store additional camping gear cleanly, and provides clean entry and exit from your motorhome or campervan.

5) Helps to Keep Out the Weather
As the footprint groundsheet provides that added layer of protection, in use you also receive improved protection against the weather and those creepy crawly ground-insects.


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