Choosing the Right Tent with Leisure Outlet


Modern tents come in all shapes and sizes, from smaller two-person solutions to spacious units for the whole family. With such a wide variety of camping equipment on sale, how do you choose the perfect tent for your needs?

At Leisure Outlet, we specialise in supplying each customer with the right product for their specific requirements. Whether you’re planning the perfect weekend break or going to one of this year’s hottest music festivals, we can deliver a tent that offers the best possible experience.

Family Tents
For families looking to spend some time away, nothing beats the traditional tent design. The pole-and-sleeve tent has been refined over the years, with many models from suppliers such as Vango now offering spacious interiors and multiple rooms.

For added convenience, Leisure Outlet can also supply a range of air frame technology tents. These units ditch the confusing set up process by replacing the interior poles with an inflatable structure, meaning that the tent can be quickly erected with minimal fuss – perfect for those looking for a stress-free holiday.

Tipi Style Tents
Those looking for something a bit more unique might want to look at purchasing a Tipi Style Tent. These Native American-inspired designs are rapidly increasing in popularity, combining a surprisingly spacious interior with an eye-catching height. Our range of Tipis from leading manufacturer Robens Tents are constructed from polycotton, offering a more breathable solution than traditional polyester tents.

Lightweight Trekking Tents
We understand that hikers and backpackers prioritise low weight above all else. Our range or lightweight backpacking tents offers a great solution for those looking to go exploring, either with friends or solo. These small tents are built to be carried around or slung into a backpack, making them a great choice for those who are out and about.

Festival Tents
The UK festival circuit provides many of the most exciting camping opportunities of the year, encouraging thousands across the country to spend a long weekend inside a tent. The average festival-goer requires something inexpensive, durable and easy to set up, meaning that choices are often limited. Leisure Outlet understands this, offering a range of budget tents with a focus on performance. Our festival category is full of lightweight and easy to erect tents which also provide great weatherproofing – ideal for braving the rain and mud!

Event Shelters
Event shelters offer basic weatherproofing for a range of different applications, from village fetes, garden parties, to commercial trade shows. Leisure Outlet is proud to supply a multitude of different products from leading manufacturer Coleman, offering a variety of sizes and shapes. Explore the event products we have on sale here.

Utility Tents (also known as Outhouses)
Designed to be pitched alongside your tent or awning, a utility tent gives you an extra outdoor privacy room providing you with bathroom or changing room. They can also be used to house and store additional camping gear and outdoor equipment. For instance, keep your muddy or wet clothing separate from your living area for a healthier, a clutter-free and a cleaner outdoor stay. Shop utility tents today here at Leisure Outlet.

Leisure Outlet May Tent Show 2018

Want to learn more about the camping products we have on offer? Leisure Outlet is hosting a tent show on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May. Taking place in the Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre, the event promises to be a fun day out for anyone interested in taking their passion for camping to the next level. All are welcome, from seasoned campers to complete beginners. To learn more, please visit our event pages on the links below:
Register Your Interest, here