Eat Fresh This Summer with Cadac Barbeques


As the UK basks in glorious sunshine for the third month running and families embark on their summer holidays, al fresco dining is proving to be a very popular activity. Barbeques are an essential part of the British summer and there isn’t a person in sight that isn’t itching to flip some burgers.

Unfortunately, barbeques can be quite cumbersome to take on the go and unless you wake up at the crack of dawn to take ownership of the communal campsite fire pit, it can be difficult to enjoy the outdoor dining experience. Luckily, Cadac has created a host of barbeque equipment that you can take on the go, regardless of the size of your adventure wagon, and at Leisure Outlet, we supply them at an unbeatable price.

What exactly is a Cadac Barbeque?

Cadac is a South African brand revelling in over 70 years of outdoor cooking experience. They have developed a range of innovative barbeques suitable for camping, garden parties, nights on the beach and caravanning. Powered by gas, a Cadac barbeque is extremely versatile and safe to use, allowing an even spread of heat across the entire cooking surface.

The Cadac range caters for party sizes between 1 and 6 people and each system can be easily adapted, due to their modular design, to cook various meals. Cadac offers numerous cooking bases including a plancha, pizza stone, paella pan and tapas table so you can impress your friends with more than just a beef burger. The dome lid can even be used to create an oven environment and can be reversed for use as a wok, allowing you to cook quick stir-fry dishes.

Cadac barbeques are light-weight, flexible and easy to set-up even for the most amateur of chefs, offering the opportunity for anyone to enjoy al fresco dining.

The world really is your oyster.

Leisure Outlet’s Range of Cadac Products

At Leisure Outlet, we stock the entire Cadac camping range including the, 2-Cook, Carri Chef, Grillo Chef and Safari Chef, as well as all the optional extras for the perfect outdoor eating experience.

The 2-Cook is a lightweight low-pressure stove and ideal for camping, tailgating or caravanning. Featuring two independent burners with automatic piezo ignition and comes supplied with a flat plate, ribbed plate two pot stands and a carry bag. The multiple surfaces give you the options to fry, grill or boil. The flat plate is superb for cooking fish, breakfast and pancakes and the ribbed plate is ideal for grilling meat, fish, chicken, steaks or vegetables. On one side of the 2-Cook, you can fry eggs and bacon while on the other side you can boil water allowing you to make the morning tea or coffee.

The Carri Chef is the largest model of Cadac's outdoor range of portable camping barbeques, featuring a 47cm diameter cooking surface, perfect for feeding the entire family. The dome lid also includes an inbuilt thermometer allowing you to oven roast, smoke, steam or bake your meal.

The Grillo Chef is slightly smaller with a 37cm diameter cooking surface, however still includes the ability to purchase all the additional extras such as the tapas table, pizza stone and paella pan for hearty summer night meals. There’s also the option to choose the table-top model for a completely portable experience. Barbeque wherever you are with the Cadac Grillo Chef range.

The most compact model of the Cadac range is the Safari Chef, coming in at 28cm across the cooking plate. Ideal for 1-3 people, the Safari Chef is the perfect partner for your camping trips, hikes and outdoor dining for two. Most of the Safari Chef models are modular with the option to purchase pizza stones and paella pans for a more diverse mealtime.

Cadac Accessories

One word to describe Cadac barbecues is the word 'modular'. Leisure Outlet offers a range of supporting Cadac accessories allowing you get the most of barbeque. The concept to remember about a Cadac barbeque, it's not about flipping burgers there is so much more to cook and create on a Cadac barbeque. Leisure Outlet supports a range of additional cooking surfaces such as paella pans, flat plates, roasting pans, pizza stones to the smoker box. Simply swap around cooking surfaces to create great moments this summer with friends or with the family whether you are at home or at the campsite.

At Leisure Outlet, we offer the entire Cadac range at an extremely affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the taste of summer.

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