Introducing Leisure Outlet's Bridgford Bluebell 220 and 260 Caravan Awnings


New for 2018 is our very own, exclusive, Bridgford brand, named after an area of Nottingham near where we are situated to. We launched the Bridgford brand with our very own range of bicycles for children starting with the boys' mountain bike called the Tornado and with the stylish range of girls' bikes called the Rainbow. Equipped with easy to adjust controls and comfortable junior specific components we've made your child's first time riding experience fun, enjoyable but most importantly, safe. We have extended our bicycle range with a series of ladies heritage bikes, equipped with the iconic Dutch-style frame providing easy step-on and step-off, and provides a relaxed upright geometry. We introduce you to the Bridgford Priory a 7-speed heritage bike and the Bridgford Boulevard a single speed variant. Both models are available in two sizes a 16" and a 19" frame, and an option of retro colours combining vintage design with modern day components.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of some exciting news! We have just launched two caravan porch awnings under the Bridgford brand. With the support of SunnCamp, we bring you the Bridgford Bluebell 220 and Bluebell 260 Caravan Porch Awnings. Named the Bluebell after its colour but also, it is a plant that flowers Spring - during the Winter we long the wait for good weather and it's a period when we can start thinking about and planning our outdoor breaks. Once the Bellbells are in bloom, it's a sign of good weather to come and the start of the camping and caravanning season!

The Bridgford Bluebell 220 Caravan Porch Awning measures 220cm in length with a depth of 225cm, while the 260 variant measures 260cm in length with a depth of 240cm. Both models fit caravans with an awning connection height between 235cm and 250cm (measured from ground to awning rail) – fitting 98% of caravans on the market to-date.

As standard, our Bluebell Porch Awnings are complete with clear view windows, one large front window with quarter windows and where there is a window the awning features toggle-up curtain providing privacy at night. The curtains can be toggled to your degree of liking, all the way, rolled all the way down or half-up.

Upfront the Bluebells feature a large front panel this can be rolled up or pitched out with the use of optional canopy poles providing a summer shelter or open walkway through to the awning. The front access is both wheelchair and pushchair friendly, and with no groundsheet there are no entry and exit trip hazards. In addition, both Bluebell awnings feature a right and left-hand side door, this grants alternative entry and exit either to and from the living area or to and from your caravan. The side doors can be rolled back and with the option to roll open the front panel, the Bluebell awnings can be configured to your liking and opened-up to allow a healthy circulation of air.   

At the back of the awnings, in each corner, the Bluebell's feature rear pads and this cushions the awning against the side of the van; helping to reduce the draught from the side. As an optional extra, you can purchase a rear pad and pole set and this just offers extra security to seal the gap between the awning and the caravan. You do get an included draught skirt as well.  

The externals feature plenty of guylines, and adjustable pegging points with thanks to the ladder band system. In addition, the peggable mud skirt provides extra rain and dirt protection and for best performance, we recommend pegging the mud skirt on the outside of the awning.

To find out more about or Bridgford Porch Caravan Awnings you can call us on 0115 784 5942 or speak to us on Live Chat on our website. Full specifications can be found on the links below,
- Bridgford 220 Caravan Porch Awning
- Bridgford 260 Caravan Porch Awning

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Video: Introduction Bridgford Bluebell 220 and 260 Caravan Porch Awnings