Setting Up the ENO Roadie Hammock Frame


Love traveling, driving or touring combined with the love for the great outdoors we welcome you our latest product within the ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters) Hammock range of accessories! Introducing you to the ENO Roadie Hammock Frame/Stand, providing you and all hammock campers endless hammocking opportunities regardless of your location.

The Roadie Hammock Stand is perfect for summer festivals, Leeds, Reading, Creamfields, Victorious festivals are just around the corner, hammock camping provides a lighter and inexpensive way to travel and ultimately, provides you with a place of rest. See our Beginners Guide to Hammocking!

ENO at Leisure Outlet:
The Roadie Hammock Stand from Eagles Nest Outfitters is available to purchase here on Leisure Outlet, see full product details by clicking here. Hammocks are sold separately and can be purchased by clicking here.

Your Quick Set Up Guide:
We have put together a quick guide on how to set up the ENO Roadie Hammock Suspension Hanging Frame, complete with videos. Only takes one person to set the Roadie up in just under four minutes!

The Roadie Hammock Stand stays secure under the wheels of your car, SUV, 4x4, campervan or motorhome. The stand comes with two base plates (platforms), one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel, and two poles to support the hammock at either end of your vehicle. Both poles are assembled in two parts for ease of storage and transportation.

In addition, the ENO Roadie Hammock Stand features two Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps and this will allow you to correctly tension your ENO Hammock in-between the front wheel and rear wheel of your vehicle, as per the videos below. The Roadie packs away neatly and is easy to store in the boot of your vehicle.

1) Simply drive and arrive at your location
2) Place each wheel platform in front of your vehicle's wheels, on one side of the vehicle. The front wheel platform the pole slot points vertically to the left and the rear platform points vertically to the right
3) Drive forward so your vehicle's wheels are now sitting on the platforms
4) Assemble both front and rear hammock support poles, two poles slot together for the front and two poles slot together for the rear
5) Place the assembled poles in each wheel platform
6) Secure in the Atlas Strap in the orange groove located at the top of both wheel platforms (front and repeat for the rear)
7) Unpack your ENO Hammock
8) Clip one end of the hammock to the Atlas Strap
9) Tension the hammock by walking towards to the other hammock support stand
10) Keep that tension and connect the hammock to the nearest loop on the remaining Atlas Strap
12) Your hammock should be sitting level
13) Climb into your hammock and rest!

It is important that you drive onto the wheel platforms first, before you insert the hammock support poles. Driving onto the platforms with poles in-place could rock both stands into your vehicle and may result in damage.

Before driving away, remove the hammock, remove the poles from each stand and carefully, drive off the platforms. When you drive off the wheel platforms, you should drive off in the opposite direction to where you had the hammock set up, to avoid the risk of running over the wheel platforms.   

Leisure Outlet | Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Roadie Hammock Frame – Detailed Walk-Through

Leisure Outlet | Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) Roadie Hammock Frame Set Up