Everything You Need to Know About Kayaking This Summer


With summer quickly approaching, many of us are looking for new and exciting ways to spend our time outdoors.

As well as visiting the numerous water sport and kayaking centres across the country, purchasing your own kayak allows any budding canoer to take to the water whenever they would like.

In this article, our experts share their tips and tricks for getting started with a new kayak. Whether you’re a complete novice, or just need your knowledge brushing up, read on to learn how to get on the water in your own kayak this summer.

What do I need?

Firstly, you should assess which kind of kayak will best suit your needs. We’ve detailed three of the most common types below:

Recreational Kayak
Recreational kayaks are designed for casual use in small rivers and placid lakes. These kayaks also offer variations with multiple seating – perfect for couples and families. Leisure Outlet recommends these kayaks for complete beginners.

Touring Kayak
For those looking for something a bit more sporty, touring kayaks are designed to perform under demanding conditions. The narrower design means that the boat can remain upright in fast-moving water and provides greater manoeuvrability.

Sea Kayak
Sea kayaks are built to withstand the waves that can occur when rowing in the sea. These kayaks will normally offer additional safety features, making them much more suited to the open water.

Buying your kayak

At Leisure Outlet, we supply a wide range of kayaks for all users – from beginners to experts.

All of our kayaks are inflatable, meaning that they can be deflated into a compact form factor for easy transportation and storage. No more need for a roof rack – an inflatable kayak can easily fit inside the boot of a compact car.

We stock products from leading brands such as Sevylor, Z-Pro and AquaGlide, with models coming in at every price point. To learn more, find our complete product range here.

Looking for somewhere to go?

We’ve put together a list of some of the best kayaking spots in and around Nottinghamshire:

Holme Pierrepont (Nottingham)
Holme Pierrepont is a small country park located just outside Nottingham which is home to the National Water Sports Centre. The park hosts a variety of different packages, from casual rowing to simulated white-water rapids.

Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre
The LOPC offers a range of canoeing tours and exercise sessions throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome to attend – from beginners to kayak enthusiasts.

Abbey Park (Leicester)
Opened in 1882, the historic Abbey Park includes a large public boating lake. Take in the serene atmosphere while kayaking around the park’s Victorian grounds.

Trent Adventure (Barrow Upon Trent)
Trent Adventure offers the chance to paddle through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Visitors can either bring their own equipment or rent a Canadian-style open canoe.

Watermead Park (North Leicestershire)
Located close to the historic canals, visitors are free to use their own kayaks on the open water.

Carsington Water (Derbyshire)
Carsington Water is a reservoir operated by Severn Trent Water in Derbyshire, England. From kayaking, cycling, sailing and cycling enjoy a family day out at Carsington Water.  

What's Next?

In preparation for summer, Leisure Outlet is proud to offer a range of kits and packages featuring Sevylor inflatable kayaks.

We understand that getting involved with a new hobby can often be a costly and time-consuming process, which is why we’ve put together some handy packages to make getting into kayaking as simple as possible. All units have flexibility and easy storage in mind, breaking down into something which can easily fit inside the boot of a medium-sized car.

Each bundle includes the kayak itself, selected models include a waterproof vest or pump and a set of paddles. We offer a range of paddles, including units which can break in half to offer both single and double options in one package. For more information, please see our selection of bundles here.

To learn more about our range of kayaks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Our contact details and social media links can be found below:

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