Maintaining Your Goal Zero Yeti Solar Portable Power Generator


In this article, we explain how to maintain and restore either your Goal Zero Yeti 150 or Yeti 400 Solar Portable Power Generator after long periods of no use.

If you have purchased one of the mentioned Goal Zero Yeti products you may find it problematic to charge first off, straight out of the box.

First time trying to charge the Yeti you may experience the Yeti failing to charge with the battery read-out display stuck, flashing on a battery percentage and beeping will be heard.

Please don't worry! As the Yeti has been left in storage in the warehouse and it is not being used, then over time the battery has simply drained and the inbuilt battery has initiated its safe-mode state.

You can revive and restore the Yeti from this state, and have your Goal Zero Yeti fully functioning and ready for your travels and outdoor adventures.

So, what do you need to do? You will need a 12v battery car/motorcycle charger/maintainer, available from Leisure Outlet; should you not already have one at home.

On the top of the Yeti, you will see four screws, one in each corner, and simply with an Allen Key unscrew each of these screws. By doing this will remove the top cover and expose the battery.

Next, simply connect the 12v battery charger/maintainer to the negative and positive connectors on the Yeti's battery, plug in the 12v battery charger/maintainer into the wall and turn on the maintainer. This will send power directly to the Yeti's battery and effectively jump-starting the battery!

You will need to keep the Yeti battery connected to the 12v charger/maintainer up to two hours to fully awake the battery.  After which you can replace the top cover and charge the Yeti though its advertised methods.

Please note, during these two hours of charging via the 12v battery charger/maintainer you may notice that the Yeti's display screen will go blank. Don't be alarmed, the display will reappear once you have completed this process. You will also hear bleeping during the 'jump-start' process.

Should you be worried about voiding the warranty, there is no reason for concern as charging the Yeti through the described method will not affect the product warranty.   

To avoid having to repeat the above when you leave the Yeti in storage, during the winter months, Goal Zero highly advise you should fully charge your Yeti every three months and store it in a cool, dry place.

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0115 784 5942 for further support. Enjoy using your Goal Zero Yeti and happy travelling!