Measuring, Positioning and Sealing a Vango Caravan Porch Awning


Leisure Outlet alongside our partners from Vango bring you a quick guide to measuring, position and sealing a Vango Caravan Porch Awning to the side of your caravan.

A frequently asked question is, "will this awning fit my caravan?" As there are a number of caravan awnings on the market, sadly there isn't a database containing the measurements of each. What you will need to do is measure the straight section of your caravan's awning rail after the first curve and before the curve at the rear of the caravan. Height wise, most caravans sit from the ground to the awning rail at a height between 235cm to 250cm; most awnings will accommodate this height.

Once you have established your awning's width, when positioning the awning on the side of your caravan you want make sure you can open the door. You may find that the awning may overlap your caravan's side window during this process. There is no need to worry, Vango awnings come with velcro pads that will cushion the awning over window. As well as protecting the window, the pads also create a better seal against the side of your caravan against the wind and rain.

Some awnings the rear pad poles are an optional extra, however with the Vango Caravan Awnings they are included as standard. In the video we show you how to correctly position the poles and once place, they improve stability and that seal against the side of the vehicle. With the foam velcro pads in place, there is no worry of marking your caravan.