Outdoor Revolution Awning Considerations & Key Features


Leisure Outlet are here with our partners from Outdoor Revolution to bring you a wonderful insight to what makes their brand unique. As well as Outdoor Revolution's famous Air Frame Technology, in this article we have Phil Haynes, introduced by Adam Taylor, explaining six other key features belonging to their range of awnings. If you are new a caravanner, campervanner, motorhomer then these 6 key features will help to consider what to look for in your first awning.

Before we introduce the key features, we start the video off by providing you with the measurements you require when choosing a porch awning for your caravan. Whether you go for air frame porch awning or a pole frame porch awning the measurement remain the same.

Firstly, you will require the measurement from the ground to the caravan's awning rail. Outdoor Revolution's caravan awnings will connect to the awning rail between 235 and 250 cm.

If choosing a driveaway awning then the same measurements apply. Do note however, driveaway awnings will sit taller and different height options will be available. Outdoor Revolution off a:

  • Lowline - 180 to 210 cm
  • Midline - 180 to 240 cm
  • Highline - 240 to 290 cm

Also note driveaway awnings can be attached in different ways to the motorhome or campervan. See links below. The VW T5 in the video supports a Lowline model, fixing to the vehicle using a standard figure of 8 fixing or by throwing the driveaway straps over the vehicle.

Using the Throw-Over Straps
Using the Driveaway Fixing Kit

Once you have established the measurements, the 6 key feature below will help to to consider your options when purchasing an awning.

1) Once you have the awning in position, don't worry should the awning not clear a window, as long as the awning clears the side door then happy days! What you will find on Outdoor Revolution awning padding as been applied where the awning meets the side of the vehicle in such occurrences.

2) Outdoor Revolution awnings feature in an array of different materials each are equally as strong to prevent the spread of rips should one occur. Tiny interlocking squares on the fabrics provide greater durability and prevents a rip from spreading across the canvas, isolating the issue.

3) Condensation has always been a battle for campers, what you will find on Outdoor Revolution awnings are conveniently placed vents to channel and circulate air. In addition, Phoenix Mesh on doors allows you to open the awning up, without subjecting the inside to those pesky insects. Also by opening the awning up makes the awning dog friendly, stops your best friend overheating; specially in the summer.

4) Continuing around the awning, a lot of people ask is my awning waterproof? Yes, the fabric is waterproof however, where there are zips, stitches and openings the awning is generally classed as water repellent. To reduce these weakness, Outdoor Revolution include storm guards, rain can't penetrate the zips and they also include a rain channel around door frames to feed water away and to keep the wind at bay. At critical points of on Outdoor Revolution awnings, twin stitching is used offering increased weather protection.

5) Inside space, truth of the matter is, you don't want to buy an awning, what you want to buy is liveable, usable space. Outdoor Revolution use light colour materials that allow light to shine though leaving your awning feeling spacious. Also by using lighter colours leaves you with an awning that is cool in the summer months.

6) Continuing in inside, Outdoor Revolution provide large unspoiled windows that maximises light and and allows you feeling connected to the outside world. Zip curtains allows you to seal the awning off at night for privacy and are less fussy compared to toggle alternatives.