Ryedale | Dutch-Style Traditional Heritage Bicycles


Welcome to Ryedale at Leisure Outlet! Ryedale features a range of beautifully designed British bikes specifically suited for female riders; each offering classic and contemporary features all built on a heritage style frame or also known as a ‘Dutch-Style Frame’. Featuring a traditional low step-over top tube Ryedale bikes provide ease of hopping on and off and provide a relaxing up-right riding style for best visibility of your surroundings, and geared to towards those leisurely, stress free, weekend rides.

Colour coordinated front and rear mudguards provide improved protection for your clothing against road debris and spray; and equipped with a matching chainguard keeps you safe against the bike’s running components. At the rear, each Ryedale is complete with a rear carrier allowing you to adapt the bike for commuting or for popping to and from the shops.

Ergonomic features such as soft touch grips, a ladies comfort sprung saddle aid in diverting the bumps away while the sweeping handlebars allow you to adopt a comfortable geometry. Ryedale bikes come in different styles: Holly, Harper, Harriet, Harlow, Hermione, Heather and Hayleigh and a range of appealing colours, such as bubblegum, peppermint, blackcurrant, blueberry, latte and candyfloss. 

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