Styles of Sleeping Bags and Season Ratings


Sleeping bags can range in styles, shapes and sizes (from single, double, junior to king size) and vary on their comfort rating from (1, 2, 3, 4 to 5 season) based upon their filling and construction. Popular styles of sleeping bags available at Leisure Outlet from leading outdoor camping brands such as Vango, Coleman, Outwell, Outdoor Revolution, Quest and more! Below are the two most familiar styles of sleeping along with their definitions!   

- Square sleeping bags offering ample of space to move your legs and feet without feeling constrained and, can be doubled up by zipping two square sleeping bags together. Square sleeping bags are traditional in style and also known as 'Envelope Sleeping Bags'. Ideal for campers who like to wrap up in the excess material offering that home from home feeling and comfort (as if you were wrapped up in a duvet).

- Mummy sleeping bags – Shaped like an Egyptian sarcophagus hence the name 'Mummy'. On appearance, mummy sleeping bags are tapered, start off wide around your shoulder then cutting in closer at the bottom, around your feet. Why are they designed like this? Mummy sleeping bags are design to hug you to keep warmth within in the sleeping bag, and that heat close to your body. The shape of these sleeping bags reduces air flow, prevents this warmth from escaping, and also reduces the external cold air from entering the sleeping bag. Mummy sleeping bags can range in comfort from single season (spring to summer, European climates) to 5 season comfort (winter use, sub-zero climates).  

Zip Advice
Some sleeping bags list whether they have either a left or right zip. Sleeping bags that feature a left zip are easier to open for right-handed campers. Those sleeping bags that feature a right zip are easier to open for left-handed users.

Camping Season Briefly Explained – Also Known As 'Season/Comfort Rating'
Now that you are familiar with the styles of sleeping bags that Leisure Outlet has to offer, comparing two sleeping bags may leave you feeling puzzled and pondering over the question 'which sleeping bag do I need'. You will need to consider, your location, the time of year, weather and temperatures, this is all too much to think about when you just itching to hit-the-road and go!

Let's keep things simple! As an industry standard to make your decision easier in buying a sleeping bag, manufacturers assigned their sleeping bags with a 'Season Rating'. This is a fantastic indicator and this will allow you to understand how the sleeping should be comfortably be used, and under what conditions. Below are the five season ratings, along with their definitions,

- 1 Season, Sleeping Bags – Generally these sleeping bags lighter and compact, perfect for users who are looking for lightness amongst their camping equipment, perfect for summer festivals, occasional camping use, and offer the best comfort in the summer months June to August. 1 Season (single season) sleeping bags are recommended for use in hotter climates.
- 2 Season, Sleeping Bags – These are sleeping bags that offer excellent comfort between late spring to early autumn (May to September). Ideal sleeping bags for family campers.   

- 3 Season, Sleeping Bags – Sleeping bags that are recommended for those who are camping from early May to late September, (early spring to late autumn). Selected junior sized sleeping bags from Vango that feature a 3 season rating are often branded as 'Recommend for the Duke Edinburgh Award' and 'Approved for Scout Association'.   

- 4 Season, Sleeping Bags – These sleeping bags are noticeably thicker and made for camping during the winter when temperatures border 0 degrees and may fall slightly below (sub-zero).

- 5 Season, Sleeping Bags – These sleeping bags offer outstanding performance for expedition campers, base campers! Suitable sleeping bags for extremely cold temperatures, ideal for mountain climbers.         

Comfort Rating Guide
Everyone feels the temperature differently, some manufacturers offer their technical sleeping bags with 'Comfort Rating', listing the following, Max Temp Usage, Min Temp Usage and Extreme Temp Usage Limit. As a rough guide, if you feel the cold, then we recommend a sleeping bag that offers a Higher Comfort Rating (Max Temp Usage). Extreme Temperature Rating is known as the 'Survival Temperature', this is the very limit that the sleeping bag will keep you alive, without frostbite or hypothermia – both still possible at the extreme rating depending on your wellbeing. Remember this is only a guide, seek professional camping advice and medical advice should you be camping in extremely cold conditions.

Get outdoors with Leisure Outlet and enjoy Earth's wonders whether you traveling solo, with friends or with the family! Shop our full range of sleeping bags available online at Leisure Outlet, shop here.