The Weathering Process Explained


We've been lucky here in the UK with the weather, this spell of hot weather and glorious sunshine has brought us all outside. You may have purchased a new awning or a tent for use during your summer holidays and so far, experienced hassle-free use during this dry period. However, as we all expected the rain and wind was imminent.

Sadly, your new awning/tent may have been hit by this bad weather and if you found your awning/tent isn't keeping you dry then don't worry.

In this first uses in wet weather or damp conditions, it is expected by manufacturers that your awning/tent may leak. This is normal in the industry and known as 'Weathering'.

The awning/tent is letting in this water, simply because the cotton stitching in the seams has not had the chance to soak-in this moisture. The stitching across, around and throughout the tent/awning needs to absorb this water and upon completing this process, these areas of the tent/awning will swell, expand, and then self-seal. Some manufacturers advise this 'Weathering Process' can take up to three exposures before the awning/tent becomes watertight.  

You can speed up the 'Weathering Process'. Pitch your awning/tent in your garden and expose the seams to water, or spread out the canvas on the ground, apply water, and then let the air dry the canvas naturally. Even with the ambient moisture in the air, this will be adequate to complete the process but may take longer.
We state that no tent or awning is waterproof because you have multiple opening points and with friends, family stepping in and out of the awning/tent, mud and water will enter. Dampness on the inside could also be condensation; with windows closed moisture builds up and forms on cold surfaces. Condensation is a factor we all experience with canvas product. To reduce the effects of condensation, simply open vents, roll-open doors, expose mesh panels and this will allow good airflow to channel around and through your awning/tent. Maintaining stable airflow will wick moisture away and ultimately keeps conditions cool and comfortable within the living area. 

Reproofing my tent or awning? Before reproofing your awning/tent, ensure the canvas is clean and you can purchase Awning Cleaner here at Leisure Outlet and follow the instructions. Once prepped, you can apply Awning/Tent Waterproofer and this will help to extend the performance and life of your awning/tent.