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Leisure Outlet Price Match

As one of the UK's largest Leisure retailers we offer great value for money all year round, however, in the unlikely event you see exactly the same product, in-stock with another UK retailer, we would be happy to discuss a price match.

For us to consider your price match, all we need to know is:

  1. Product Name
  2. Product Price
  3. Retailer Name

Contact us with the above information in one of the following ways:

0115 784 5942
Email: [email protected]
Live Chat: Click here

Or alternatively use the form below.

Our Price Match Terms & Conditions

Please read the below for us, Leisure Outlet, to review matching a price or beating a price:

  1. The product MUST be in stock and available for immediate delivery by our retailer competitor.
  2. The product must be NEW and IDENTICAL.
  3. We do NOT price match with any retailers outside of the UK.
  4. The price match will take into account the overall cost, including delivery.
  5. The price match cannot be used in conjunction with discount codes, promotions or any additional offer.
  6. We DON'T match prices with products sold on third party platforms such as eBay and Amazon.
  7. If the product is sold at a loss due to the result of liquidation, we are unable to price match.
  8. Price match is used as a temporary promotion and can be withdrawn at any time.
  9. All price matching is at the discretion of Holcros LTD.