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Isabella – Probably the Best Caravan Awnings in the World

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect tent, but not many people would go to the lengths that Søren Odgaard did in 1957! After searching, and failing, to find one that met his exacting needs, he endeavoured to construct one of his own design in his basement, with that one act of personal necessity, a business concept was born, and the vision to produce the very best caravan awnings, tents, and motorhome driveaways.

The business started by Søren hiring out tents that he had made; due to their popularity over the seminal years, he decided on the brand name of Isabella, due to his obsession with the prestigious Isabella Borgward car manufacturer and increase production.

Søren Odgaard Isabella Borgward

From those humble beginnings, in a basement, in Vejle, in Denmark, Isabella has grown to be one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the camping and caravanning market; employing the same ethics and ethos of Søren Odgaard, and his uncompromising use of only the very best and most trusted fabrics and raw materials.

Søren really understood the need for additional living space, and shelter to maximise the enjoyment of the outdoors.

The first products that Isabella manufactured were ridge tents and classic family tents, to satisfy the growing trend of people participating in camping holidays. The popularity of caravan holidays grew, during the 1960’s, and Isabella developed the A-measurement system, which is now the industry standard to determine the size of a traditional awning. To learn more about how to measure your caravan for an awning, read How Do You Measure A Caravan For An Awning?

Attention to detail and uncompromising quality, with an emphasis on practicality and durability remains Isabella’s mantra, in the knowledge that fans of their brand appreciate the functionality, uniqueness and innovation that goes into every camping product that Isabella produces.

Through experience, end use and technical advances, Isabella caravan awnings, and now their camper van driveaways and canopies utilise some of the best materials in the world of camping equipment.

Isacryl is Isabella’s exclusive, water repellent and breathable textured material, maximising a perfect balance between protection from precipitation and comfort in warmer climes. Isacryl is also fade-resistant due to the pigmentation method, giving years of comfortable use, whilst maintaining the products good looks.

The very first Isabella tent made at home in Søren Odgaards basement. The very first Isabella tent made at home in Søren Odgaards basement.

The lower panels on both the caravan awnings and motorhome driveaways are manufactured from an ultra-durable PVC, that is 100% waterproof and incredibly easy to clean.

Isabella uses a UV-absorbing window material, and, in some models, a matt foil is used for increased privacy. Whereas some windows on cheaper awnings can freeze, the Isabella foil has been developed to be the most durable in the warmest of temperatures, and perform equally as well in the winter months, providing awnings that are fit for use in all seasons.

The roof material of all Isabella awning is UV resistant, protecting anyone inside from the damaging rays of the sun. The roof material is made up of three layers of breathable acrylic, which helps to make for a more comfortable environment, and reduce condensation. All roofs have a durable water repellent treatment, which prevents water ingress and inhibits dirt from absorbing into the fabric.

As well as industry leading caravan awnings and motorhome driveaway awnings, Isabella offers an array of complimentary folding chairs, camping accessories and windbreaks, to complete 'the look'.

So, all in all, there are not many manufacturer’s of caravan or motorhome awnings that can better an Isabella… in the words stolen from another famous Danish brand, Isabella Make the Best Awnings in the World...Probably!!

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