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Outdoor Revolution

For over 20 years, Outdoor Revolution has strived to create high-quality Family Tents, Driveaway Awnings, and Caravan Awnings. All products are designed, and quality assured, at their head office, located in the heart of West Yorkshire.

The initial success came from light weight camping and caravanning solution. The team at Outdoor Revolution identified that the heavy weight of traditional caravan awnings was problematic for more mature caravanners, and impractical, because of the time to set up, for short stays away. This highlighted the need for lightweight caravan awnings, as well as lightweight campervan driveaway awnings and family tents.

The design team at Outdoor Revolution created simple camping designs, with lightweight tent fabric and minimal use of poles to produce their first range of lightweight, quick to put up caravan awnings, The Easy Camp. As these products were porch awnings, rather than the heavy traditional awnings, the fit was universal and would be compatible with most caravans.

Vango Force 10 Mark 1 Tent

Outdoor Revolution quickly used the same principles with motorhome driveaway awnings and family tents, to ensure small pack size, lightweight camping gear could be supplied to the camping and caravanning masses.

Iconic caravanning and motorhome products like the Compactalite and Movelite Classic were born and created the basic blueprint for today’s leisure products

Always wanting to continually improve both the design, and benefit to the customer, the Outdoor Revolution team investigated ways to enhance all their camping gear, by strengthening the fabrics, utilising ripstop materials, and increasing the size of the windows to make sure that enhanced the camping or caravan holiday experience.

Designs of tents and vehicle awnings were tweaked on a yearly basis, with the introduction of tinted acrylic windows to create more privacy, adjustable storm straps, to improve stability, and improved ventilation to minimise condensation.

Outdoor Revolution, also realised the need for coordinated caravan and motorhome accessories, and camping gear, so introduced ranges of lightweight folding chairs, airbeds and sleeping bags, as well as pitching essentials like hard ground pegs (an essential to pitch on clay fields in summer!!) and mallets.

The next major innovation in the camping world came when Outdoor Revolution introduced the Oxygen Air Frame; this air technology enabled campers, motorhomers or caravanners to pitch their awnings or tents quickly, take down quickly and do away with the need for poles.

The Dynamic Speed Value was introduced, which is simply the push of a button to seal for inflation, or to deflate fully; Outdoor Revolution also introduced the Intelligent Frame System on their premium camping products to protect the air tubes from over inflation; this pressure relief valve expels excess air from the air tube, without affecting the integrity of the frame, ensuring that damage through over inflation, or changes in ambient temperature will not occur.

Glamping (a much-overused phrase) was introduced as a concept in the UK, but was just the idea of taking home comforts on to the campsite, to enhance the camping, caravan or motorhome experience. To satisfy this market, Outdoor Revolution introduced complementary accessories such as awning and tent groundsheets and carpets, as well as camping lighting solutions.

Sleep is so important, and that's why the Outdoor Revolution has incorporated Twilight Bedrooms, which keep the bedroom dark to help facilitate a good night's sleep.

Outdoor Revolution have adopted a versatile approach and include twin beading, of 4mm & 6mm on some Awnings to permit dual compatibility with caravans and motorhomes within the height range.

With the philosophy to keep striving to invent and create advances to camping products, as well as provide sleeping and storage solutions for caravan holidays and campervan getaways, Outdoor Revolution will continue to Go from strength the strength for people wanting to go outdoors.

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