How Do You Measure A Caravan For An Awning?

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How Do You Measure A Caravan For An Awning?

The first thing to consider is what type of caravan awning you require and what it will be used for; see our advice hub article on What are the different types of Caravan Awnings.

Awning Channel

Every caravan has a 6mm channel running around the perimeter of the side of the van, this is the caravan awning channel; every caravan awning has a 6mm bead designed to be threaded through this channel.

Measuring for a Caravan Porch Awning

First measure the straight part of the caravan awning channel, at the roof of the caravan, this will give the maximum length of a suitable caravan porch awning; then measure the height to the channel, all modern awnings are designed to fit caravans with a height range between 235 to 250cm, 99% of caravans fit into this height range.

Measure the straight of the awning channel

Width of awning channel

Always be mindful of where doors, windows, vents etc are; porch awnings are designed to fit across windows, but you will not be able to open the windows covered.

Be mindful of doors and windows

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Measuring for a Full Caravan Awning

Measuring for a Full Caravan Awning

If you have the caravan instruction manual, the traditional awning size (or measurement) should be listed under the demensions section; this is always measure in centimeters.

If the instruction manual is not available, simply measuring from point A to point B around the awning channel will give you the awning measurement in centemeters.

Caravan awning manufacturers size the awnings with a 25cm tollerance in 25cm increments; i.e. 725 to 750cm being the smallest size, then 750cm to 775cm, so and and so forth up to 1075cm to 1100cm being, generally, the largest size.

Some caravan awning manufacturers have a number to represent the different sizes, below is the Dorema size range

Size A-Measurement (cm)
6 775 - 800
7 800 - 825
8 825 - 850
9 850 - 875
10 875 - 900
11 900 - 925
12 925 - 950
13 950 - 975
14 975 - 1000
15 1000 - 1025
16 1025 - 1050
17 1050 - 1075
18 1075 - 1100
19 1100 - 1125

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