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What are the different types of caravan awnings?

There are three main types of caravan awnings

  1. Porch Awnings
  2. Traditional Awnings
  3. Residential Awnings

Each has a specific role to play and is one of the most essential caravan accessories; they provide additional space for entertaining, shelter from the elements, increase sleeping capacity as well as additional storage space.

Porch Awnings

Porch Awning

A Porch Awning is not necessarily a small awning; the term refers to any awning that fits in to the 6mm awning channel on the straight of the caravan roof; be aware the sides of the awning rest against the caravan, and do not create a perfect seal, this is part of the design; pitched correctly, the sides of the awning will form an adequate seal for short stays; optional rear pad poles can be purchased to provide more stability at the rear of the awning.

Porch Awnings are designed to be quicker and easier to erect than traditional, or full, awnings, and are designed for short trips away in touring caravans.

Porch Awnings vary in width from 2m up to 5.2 metres in width, the correct size you require is based on your spatial requirements and the size that your caravan will allow; please follow this link to see: How to Measure your Caravan For An Awning.

Caravan Porch Awnings are generally supplied with either an air, carbon/fibre, or steel frame; see our article on: Air v Fibre v Steel Frames.

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Full or Traditional Caravan Awning

Full Awning

A Traditional Awning has a 6mm beading, or connector that slides into the awning channel and secures the awning to the front, top and rear of the caravan, providing a much better fit and a more structured setup for longer stays, ideal for a two-week vacation.

Traditional, or Full Awnings, generally provide greater additional space than a porch, as the canvas spans the entire length of the side of the caravan.

Full Caravan Awnings are made of heavier weight fabric, and this should be taken into consideration when purchasing, as it does take longer to put up than a porch awning and is easier with two people.

Full Awnings come with either a Carbon/Fibre or steel frame; for more information on the difference between the frame benefits click here.

See the Article on How to Measure my Caravan for an Awning, to ensure you get the correct size.

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Residential Caravan Awning

Residential Caravan Awning

A Residential Caravan Awning has the same design principle as the Full, Traditional Caravan Awning, but utilises a heavier gauge steel frame, more resilient fabric and is designed to be pitched for an extended stay; if you are planning to pitch your caravan and awning over a prolonged period, it is essential that you buy a Residential Caravan Awning. Porch and full awnings are not designed for long stays, and their warranty does not provide cover if used as such.

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We would always recommend taking down awnings in strong winds, and if leaving the site overnight.

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