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Do our bikes arrive fully assembled?

All bikes are delivered new and boxed and 80% built. Inflation of tyres, fitting of pedals, handlebars/stem and seat post/saddle, adjustments to brake and gear cables required prior to riding.

Some bikes may require further assembly, and this may require fitting mudguards, front basket assembly, and stabilisers.

Tools required for assembly: cross head screwdriver, 4/5/6mm allen keys, 15mm spanner for pedals. A generic manual is included but may not include specific assembly instructions.

If you are unable to assemble the bike safely, we recommend that the bike is taken to your local bike mechanic for assembly prior to use.

We sell our bikes this way to provide as much protection as possible during transit while having our bikes as built as possible.

Bike Assembly Videos

As a guide and how to best explain how to assemble your newly purchased bicycle from Leisure Outlet, we have produced a couple of videos. We look at building an adult’s bike and a child’s bike. In both videos, we will show you how they are delivered, and walk you through a step by step on which components you will need to assemble. The bike in each video is a heritage bike, these require additional assembly as they feature front and rear mudguards and a front basket. That said, whether you have purchased a city bike or a mountain bike, the principles are very much similar.

How to Assemble an Adult’s Bike

How to Assemble a Child’s Bike

Bike Size Guide

Which frame size do I need?
This is the most important part when buying a bike, whether the bike is for yourself, a friend, or for your child.
It critical to get the right size bike, whether you as the rider or someone else, to feel comfortable and more importantly safe when riding upon two wheels.
For guidance, we have put together a Bike Size Guide that can be read by clicking here.

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